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Instructions for use iZi-Clean cloths

Gebruiksaanwijzing iZi-Clean doeken



- Let Izi-Clean microfiber cloth soak in lukewarm water once for 15 minutes
- Then rinse under running water
- Write the cloth well for use
- Only water is often sufficient
- Of course, vinegar, washing -up liquid or all -purpose cleaner can be used


Washing instructions

- Sort by color
- Wash with washing powder or vinegar
- Wash at 40 degrees
- No fabric softener
- No liquid detergent
- No pods or pearls
- No corrosive cleaning agents (such as bleach, ammonia ...)
- Not in the dryer



- Depending on personal use and aftercare
- Also quality will wear over time


Lots of cleaning pleasure 

You can use Izi-Clean microfiber cloths both dry and damp. 

Klam damp use is strongly recommended.


Lots of cleaning pleasure 😁


How can I wash Izi-Clean wipes?

We recommend washing the cloths at 40 degrees. 

You must wash the cloths separately in the washing machine due to possible color release. 


We advise you to treat these canvases like a jewel.

Why do you have to treat these cloths like a jewel?

Because Izi-Clean cloths are woven, they are very sensitive to sharp edges, edges and rough surfaces. For example, dry a pizza knife, cleaning rough window sills and causing crochet. It will of course continue to function only optically it is no longer beautiful. 

Why don't we make stronger canvases that are resistant to edges and edges?

Unfortunately, that is not possible if we want to achieve these beautiful streak -free results.

Unfortunately it is one or the other. 


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De verschillende toepassingen van izi-clean microvezel doeken in de keuken

De verschillende toepassingen van izi-clean wonderdoeken in de keuken

Streepvrij schoonmaken

Streak-free cleaning fun with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths!