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Cleaning cloths with streak-free effect of Izi-Clean

Our wonder cleaning cloths with streakless effect are a real outcome when it comes to good cleaning. They are of the very best quality. When you buy our cleaning cloths, you save time on cleaning. They do not leave any stripes or fluff, as many other cleaning cloths do. So you don't have to go behind it with another cloth to scrub the stripes. The cleaning cloths from Izi-Clean make every surface in no time streakless clean!


Good cleaning cloths without stripes


Our microfiber cloths are so woven that they absorb maximum dust and dirt. Practical cleaning becomes the norm. You can rinse the cleaning cloths with streak -free effect after use with water and so you can use them immediately. Simply throw them in the washing machine once in a while and they are like new again. Replacement is not necessary! 

Chemical products can be in the trash, because for our miracle cleaning cloths with streak -free effect you only need water. This way you think of the environment and it is also good for the wallet, because you do not use cleaning products. One thing is certain: with our cleaning cloths you save time and money and you can finish the cleaning in an instant!


Izi-Clean cleaning cloths for the best cleaning


Convinced to buy our cleaning cloths? You use our microfiber cloths for your television, mirrors, Windows, stainless steel extractor hood and you name it. In addition to using the cleaning cloths for cleaning in the house, you also use them outdoors. Think of the windows of your car. With our cleaning cloths with streak -free effect you can safely get on the road.


Premium quality and a fair price

Do you also want cleaning to change from a burden in a pleasure? We understand that! Izi-Clean stands for premium quality and a fair price. Go for cleaning and choose the cleaning cloths without stripes from Izi-Clean. 

Do you want to try the cleaning cloths first after buying? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied, you will simply get your money back.


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