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Microfiber cleaning cloths from Izi-Clean

Izi-Clean offers microfiber cleaning cloths of the very best quality. We guarantee this quality thanks to our many years of searching for the perfect microfiber glass cloth. After many satisfied customers, we can conclude that our own designed microfiber cleaning cloths really work. Are you also going for cleaning with ease and a 100% optimum cleaning result? Discover IZI-Clean now and for convenience and time saving!

How does our microfiber glass cloth work?


The microfiber cleaning cloths developed by nanotechnology are woven in a special way. As a result, they absorb maximum dust and dirt. You save time and you are environmentally friendly because you can leave unnecessary chemical products on the shelves. You only need water for our microfiber glass cloth. Ideal for Windows, mirrors, TV screens, hobs, so on. We can at least guarantee you: you are ready to clean in an instant! 

We notice that you are often looking for microfiber cloths in the dark color or gray. In our webshop you will therefore find, among other things, anthracite gray microfiber cloths, but also microfiber cloths in gray, green and blue in a bundled package. 


Buy good microfiber cloths


With our microfiber cleaning cloths you can clean your television, mirrors, windows, glasses, stainless steel extractor hood in no time. Your kitchen and bathroom will also quickly say goodbye to stripes when you clean with Izi-Clean. Cleaning changes from a burden to a pleasure. 

In addition to the various places indoors, the microfiber glass cloth from Izi-Clean is also very useful. For example, think of the windows of your car: with our good microfiber cloths these are whole streakless to clean. That way you can safely get on the road again. 



About Izi-Clean


Are you convinced and do you want to buy good microfiber cloths? Smart choice! Izi-Clean offers a Premium Quality product for a fair price. In addition, we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So: are you not satisfied? Then you just get your money back.



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