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Instructions for use iZi-Clean microfiber cloths

Gebruiksaanwijzing iZi-Clean doeken

After you have received and unpacked the cloths, you should soak them once in water for 10 to 15 minutes. Then you should rinse the cloth well under running water. Then you have to wring the cloth very well so that the cloth is damp / damp. You are ready to clean your windows, stainless steel, mirrors, TV, wine glasses, glassware, high-gloss furniture, kitchen, bathroom, car, etc …… with your iZi-Clean wipes.


Why are there still streaks after cleaning?

1. The cloths are too wet.

2. The windows or the cloth are / is so greasy that the greasiness or dirt is merely moved instead of cleaning. Tip: First degrease your windows or wash your cloth with a little soapy water.

3. It could be the coating of the glassware.

This is very rarely seen with double glazing with metal coating, blue or copper color. It cannot be seen with naked eyes. Then it's more of a blur actually. You can use iZi-Clean microfiber cloths both dry and damp. A lot of cleaning fun

How can I wash iZi-Clean wipes?

You can wash in the washing machine up to max. 60 degrees. We recommend washing the cloths at 40 degrees. The cloths should be washed separately for the first few times in the washing machine because of possible color release.

- DO NOT use fabric softener

- DO NOT iron.

- 1st pair of washing please wash the cloths separately because of possible color release . We advise you to treat these cloths like a jewel.

Why should I treat these cloths like a jewel?

Because iZi-Clean cloths are woven, they are very sensitive to sharp edges and edges. For example, drying a pizza knife can damage the cloths. The damage is then the pulled wires. It will of course continue to function, but it no longer looks good. As it goes without saying; avoid the sharp edges and edges.

Why don't you make a stronger cloth that is resistant to edges?

Unfortunately, that is not possible if you want to achieve these fantastic results. It's one or the other, unfortunately.

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