You know it, the annoyance we all have!
The fingerprints and stains on the TV screen, mirrors and windows. And of course the amount of effort it takes to get them properly clean.

Our adventure started with our TV screen. My husband knows all about it, because that was his department, which I was happy with. It was quite a job to clean our TV without streaks. My husband spent at least 20 minutes to 40 minutes using all kinds of chemicals and so-called fine cloths to get the screen perfectly clean.

You know children's fingerprints and the legacy of insects. The latter is especially visible in the summer and just after the summer. To get it perfectly clean he had to work quickly and accurately to get it streak-free and spot-free. Oops! Here and there a line or a blur. And start over again. What a frustration it was for him! Perhaps you can recognize yourself in that.

As always, he started looking for a solution. Not much later, dozens of products arrived with still no good results. That is why he came up with and designed a canvas himself and after nine months the result is impressive. Even if we say so ourselves. After tens of thousands of satisfied customers, we can conclude that the cloths really work. We are rightly proud of it.

We are not the only ones who use these beautiful cloths with excellent results. Now you can use it too. What a convenience and time saving. We love to hear how easy it is to clean and how satisfied you are with the use and the results.

So our adventure with iZi-Clean wipes began.

Now our TV is perfectly clean in just a few seconds, as well as the mirrors, windows, glasses, stainless steel extractor hood, kitchen, bathroom, car... etc. Thanks to iZi-Clean wipes, cleaning has become a pleasure rather than a burden.  

If you also want to enjoy your cleaning work, don't wait, don't hesitate and order immediately. I'm sure you will regret not ordering sooner.