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Turbo Twin Mop

Experience effortless and thorough cleaning with our unique 2-in-1 Turbo Twin Mop cleaning package! Designed for various floor types, from tiles to wood and laminate, this package offers ultimate comfort and convenience in your cleaning routine.

With a telescopic handle of no less than 150 cm, which is easily adjustable in length, you enjoy a lightweight and user-friendly design. The innovative rotation mechanism in the handle gives you full control over the moisture content of the mop and mop, while the rotating spinner in the bucket effectively removes dirt and water. No more hassle with bending over, heavy wringing or hands in dirty water!

The 360º swivel handles allow effortless movement around bends and around furniture, while the round mop is perfect for hard-to-reach areas. The flat mop ensures streak-free cleaning of larger surfaces, and both can be easily cleaned in the Turbo Twin bucket.

With durable floor cloths that maintain their quality even after frequent washing at 60°C, the Turbo Twin Mop offers an efficient and cost-effective cleaning solution. Save valuable time and energy while enjoying a clean, fresh and pleasant living environment.

Order today and discover the joy of effortless cleaning with the Turbo Twin Mop! 🌟

Discover the Turbo Twin Mop - your ultimate ally for a spotless and effortless cleaning experience! 🌟

🚀 **Perfect Mop system**

Welcome a revolution in cleaning with our 2-in-1 mop system, suitable for all floor types! With both a round and flat mop in one set, the Turbo Twin Mop offers versatility you never thought possible.

💦 **Efficient Cleaning Mechanism**

Thanks to our advanced, patented rotation mechanism, water and dirt are thrown out of the mop like never before. Get rid of stubborn dirt and enjoy a floor that sparkles with freshness!

🙌 **Dry Mop without Bending Down**

Say goodbye to bending over and the discomfort of hands in dirty water! Our built-in rotation mechanism in the handle ensures that the mop becomes drier than ever before, without the hassle.

🔄 **Built-inwd Rotation mechanism**

The more you pump, the drier the mop! The unique rotation mechanism, integrated into the handle, gives you control over the humidity while cleaning. So simple, so effective!

🧼 **Hygienic Cleaning**

Our mop head is not only powerful, but also easy to clean hygienically. Just throw it in the washing machine at 60ºC and it's ready for the next cleaning challenge.

🎁 **Complete Set**

We make it easy for you! The Turbo Twin Mop is supplied as a complete set, ready for immediate use. Start transforming your cleaning routine right away!

🌿 **Sustainable Floor Cloths**

Experience a long lifespan, even after repeated washing at 60°C. Our floor cloths are not only powerful, but also durable, ensuring top performance every time.

🔧 **Stable and Manoeuvrable Floor Wipers**

Equipped with 2x 3-piece steel handles and 360° maneuverability, the Turbo Twin Mop brings stability and flexibility together.Clean every corner with ease and precision!

🌐 **All Around Floor Cloth**

Get rid of pristine edges, corners and baseboards! Our all-round floor cloth ensures a completely clean floor, every time.

📏 **Comfortable Working Height**

Adjust the handle to your needs and comfort, with an impressive maximum height of 150 cm. The Turbo Twin Mop offers an ergonomic solution for a pleasant cleaning experience.

Ready to transform your cleaning routine? Choose Turbo Twin Mop from iZi-Clean and experience the magic of effortless cleaning! ✨💧 Order today for a cleaning experience like never before! 🛒🧽

What makes this package special?

The Turbo Twin Mop is not just any cleaning kit; it is a smart and efficient solution for households that strive for effortless and streak-free cleaning. Here are two features that make this package truly unique:

  • Unique 2-in-1 Package:
  • The Turbo Twin Mop offers the best of both worlds with its unique 2-in-1 design. It combines a round and flat mop, making it an all-in-one cleaning solution for different floor types. Whether you're dealing with hard floors, tiles, laminate or wood, this package adapts and always delivers a flawless result.
  • Effortless Streakless Clean:
  • What really sets this pack apart is its ability to deliver streak-free cleaning effortlessly. Thanks to the efficient cleaning mechanism, water and dirt are effectively ejected from the mop. This not only gives you a brilliant shine, but also makes cleaning a simple and even enjoyable task.

Rather than overwhelm yourself with complicated cleaning methods, the Turbo Twin Mop offers a streamlined approach that transforms cleaning from a chore to a satisfying experience. It's your ticket to a home that is not only spotless, but also makes cleaning a breeze. Find out for yourself and let the Turbo Twin Mop help you take your cleaning routine to the next level.

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