Wonderful when the golden glow of the sun shines through your windows, but do you now see fingerprints or leftover streaks from the previous cleaning? Ouch!

That is now over and done with the miracle cleaning cloths from iZi-clean. This allows you to clean your window streak-free in no time without adding cleaning products. Our microfibre miracle cloths are the solution when it comes to cleaning your windows streak-free.

How do I get my windows clean without streaks?

Streak-free window cleaning starts by soaking the iZi-clean cloth in lukewarm water. You do this for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the cloth under running water and wring it out well. The microfiber cloth now feels damp. Wash all the windows of your house or car with the cloth and you will immediately see a streak-free result! All windows are easily and quickly cleaned without streaks. After use, rinse the cloth with water and they can be put back in the cupboard. You can use them again the next time you clean. Wash them in the washing machine once in a while and they will be like new again.  

We hear you thinking: How is this possible? The method of weaving the cloths makes it possible to wash your windows without streaks. This means the cloths absorb maximum dust and dirt. For this reason you only need water. This is good for your wallet and the environment! A win-win situation.

Tips: washing windows without streaks

If you search the internet for tips for streak-free window cleaning, you will find a lot of household tips. Add onions, ammonia, spirits or all kinds of other chemicals to the water and so on. Do not! For example, many of these products damage the paint on your window frames.

Do you want to clean your window streak-free? The secret lies in using professional cloths: microfiber cloths. This means that additions to the water are a thing of the past.


Streak-free cleaning becomes the new standard for every surface!

Our Wonder Cloths can be used for your windows, but also for the television, your phone or laptop screen, mirrors, the extractor hood or stove, the kitchen and bathroom, the inside and outside of the car and many more surfaces indoors and outdoors. We offer the best quality at a good price. 

Not satisfied? Then you get your money back. This way you can try out the convenience of streak-free cleaning yourself.

Clean streak-free in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Soak the cloth in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes once.

Step 2

Rinse the cloth under running water. Then wring out the cloth well so that the iZi-Clean cloth is damp.

Step 3

You can get started!
Have lots of cleaning fun!