Streak-free cleaning fun with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths!

Streak-free cleaning fun with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths!

Is it really possible to clean streak-free as stated?
Yes, that is guaranteed with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths. It's quite simple and very satisfying.

It is no longer a mystery to our customers that you can really clean streak-free and quickly. This remains a question for non-users. We hereby challenge you to try it out!

There are now thousands of reviews that confirm the promised results.

Are there also dissatisfied users?
Yes, there are too. But after a number of years we now know that many dissatisfied customers do not use the wipes correctly. See our knowledge base for more tips.


  • iZi-Clean wipes do not require soap or cleaning agents to achieve a streak-free result.
  • In addition to the savings on expensive cleaning products, it is also a saving on our health and the environment, because these are almost redundant.
  • Huge time savings which makes cleaning enjoyable. Because a cleaning job of a kitchen, bathroom, car or windows has become quite simple and can be completed in no time with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths.

Of course you can use the iZi-Clean wipes in combination with soapy water, all-purpose cleaner and vinegar if the underlay is greasy or too dirty. Speaking of washing, you can wash the iZi-Clean cloths in the washing machine at up to 40 degrees, without fabric softener. It is not recommended to put the cloths in the dryer because the temperature is too high. Too high a temperature is harmful to the cloths, causing the cloths to lose their strength to achieve streak-free results.

What can you clean with iZi-Clean microfibre cloths?

  • Glassware, display cases, car windows, wine glasses, windows
  • TV, tablet, telephone, PC, high-gloss furniture and kitchens, stainless steel
  • Kitchen, bathroom, toilet, car
  • Restaurants, cafes, car washes, hairdressers
  • etc…

A fair product for a fair price.

Have lots of cleaning fun.