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Streak-free cleaning fun with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths

Streepvrij schoonmaken

Is it really possible to clean streak-free as said?

Yes, that is guaranteed with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths. It is quite simple and, incidentally, gives enormous satisfaction.

In addition to a streak-free result, it is also a huge time saver, which makes cleaning a pleasure. Because a cleaning job of a kitchen, bathroom, car or the windows has in fact become childishly simple and finished in no time with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths.

For our customers it is no longer a mystery that you can really clean streak-free and quickly. This remains a question for non-users. We hereby challenge you to try it out!

There are now thousands of reviews confirming the promised results.

Are there also dissatisfied users?

Yes there are. With pride and thanks, of the 1000 customers, 999 are satisfied. Unfortunately, we cannot please everyone. Customers are central to us. That's why we also offer a money back guarantee.

iZi-Clean wipes do not need soap or cleaning agents to achieve a streak-free result.

In addition to the savings on expensive cleaning products, it is also a saving on our health and the environment, because these are partially redundant.

Of course you can use the iZi-Clean wipes in combination with suds when the underlay is greasy or too dirty. Speaking of washing, you can wash the iZi-Clean cloths in the washing machine up to a maximum of 60 degrees, without fabric softener. It is not recommended to put the cloths in the dryer because of higher temperatures that can exceed 60 degrees. Too high a temperature is harmful to the cloths, causing the cloths to lose their strength to achieve streak-free results.

What can you clean with iZi-Clean microfiber cloths?

  • Glasses / Showcases, Car window, Wine glasses, Windows, Furniture, bathroom, WC ...
  • TV, Tablet, Telephone, PC, high-gloss furniture, high-gloss kitchens
  • Kitchen, stainless steel
  • Glassware Restaurants, cafes, car washes ……
  • etc, etc, …….

Be creative to use! A fair product for a fair price. A lot of cleaning fun.

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