**1. Easily select "Klarna Post-Payment" during checkout**

 When you go to the checkout, you have the option to choose "Klarna Post-Payment". This means that you do not have to pay immediately at checkout, but only after you have received the order.

**2. Pay safely and directly to Klarna**

 Once you have chosen "Klarna Post-Payment", you will not pay the amount to the store where you shop, but directly to Klarna, a reliable payment partner. This provides extra security for your transaction for guaranteed delivery.

 **3. Completion of the order after payment to Klarna**

 After you have successfully completed the payment with Klarna, your order will be processed and prepared for shipment to your address. You don't have to worry about payments to the store itself, because Klarna pays the amount to the store so that you can pay to Klarna after correct delivery.

 **4. Receive your order with payment instructions from Klarna**

 Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email from Klarna with payment instructions.

 **5. Simply pay to Klarna after receiving the order**

 When you have received the order safely, you can make the payment to Klarna according to Klarna's instructions. This gives you the opportunity to first check whether everything is as desired before paying.

 **6. Avoid extra costs by paying Klarna**

on time

 It is important to make the payment to Klarna on time to avoid additional costs. Make sure you make the payment within the deadline as stated in the payment instructions.

 **7. Klarna customer service and terms and conditions for support**

 Do you have questions or need help? Please feel free to contact Klarna customer service. They are ready to help you and answer any questions you may have. Also view Klarna's terms and conditions for more information about the use of "Klarna Post-Payment".

 **Extra: Receive useful reminders from Klarna**

 To help remind you of payment deadlines, Klarna sends confirmations and reminders by email. If you find this more convenient, you can also download the Klarna App and receive notifications about payment terms and other important information.


Important contact details:

Customer service Klarna Netherlands:** 020 808 2852
Customer service Klarna Belgium:** 02 808 06 01

For further support and information, please visit the Klarna Customer Service website. Also consult the conditions at www.klarna.com.