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Cleaning your kitchen cabinets streak-free: 3 tips

Greasy fingers, food scraps and splashes. Your kitchen has to endure a lot every day. Do you want to clean your kitchen and are you wondering: how can I clean my kitchen cabinets without streaks? You can read three tips in this article. Handy for everyone: whether you have a high-gloss kitchen or a matte kitchen. With these tips, your kitchen cabinets will be radiant and streak-free in no time!


How do you clean kitchen cabinets?

Is it time for the big cleaning and do you want to thoroughly clean the kitchen cupboards? Start with the inside of the cabinets first. Empty them completely and remove the stubborn stains with green soap or another degreaser. Then let the cabinet dry thoroughly. And then? Then it's time to polish the doors of the kitchen cabinets. And that's where the biggest challenge comes into play: streak-free cleaning. Certainly if you have a matt black kitchen, you will probably recognize this challenge. Stripes and greasy fingers: are you also allergic to them? Read on for useful tips and tricks to clean your kitchen cabinets.

Tip 1 | Use a microfiber cloth

Are you going to clean your kitchen cabinets? All you need is a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are very soft and clean your kitchen cabinets streak-free. In just one hand movement. Take, for example, the microfiber cloths from iZi-Clean. These microfibre cloths have been developed on the basis of a patented nanotechnology. They are soft cloths that are woven in a specific way. As a result, they absorb extra dust and dirt. Moreover, they do not leave fluff, dust, hairs and fibers behind. This way your kitchen will be clean, without streaks or stains! Our microfiber cloths are also ideal for streak-free cleaning of stainless steel.


Tip 2 | Only use lukewarm water

You only clean your kitchen cabinets with lukewarm water. So without cleaning products. huh? Yes, say goodbye to those harmful cleaning products quickly. The iZi-Clean microfibre cloths do their job perfectly with only lukewarm water. You take a clean iZi-Clean cloth from the cupboard and drench it with lukewarm water. Just wring it out and voilà: you're ready to clean your kitchen cabinets. This not only saves so much time and money; you also protect your cupboards well because you do not work with harmful cleaning agents. windows and mirrors can also be radiantly cleaned thanks to iZi-Clean .

Tip 3 | Cleaning high-gloss or matte kitchen cabinets: don't wait too long

Of course: people live in a kitchen. It is used intensively every day, which means that stains and stripes are simply unavoidable. But, make sure you brush away stains immediately. This prevents the stain from drying in and prevents you from having to do a thorough cleaning for longer. For high-gloss kitchen doors, it is best to use a very soft microfiber cloth. Do you want to clean matte kitchen cabinets? You can also opt for a microfiber cloth, but note: always wipe with any wood grain. This way you prevent stripes.


Do you have more kitchen cabinet cleaning tips?

Hopefully you now have an answer to the question: 'how do you clean kitchen cupboards?'. What are your tips for cleaning kitchen cabinets? Share them with us!

Clean your kitchen cabinets streak-free? Try iZi-Clean now!

Do you want to clean your kitchen cupboards? And do you want to say goodbye to stripes forever? Then be sure to try the iZi-Clean microfiber cloths. We assure you that you will never want anything else. Still not satisfied? Then you get your money back. This way you can experience in an accessible way what it's like to clean your kitchen cabinets streak-free. In just one hand movement. Order iZi-Clean cloths now via our webshop!

Clean streak-free in 3 simple steps


Step 1

Let the cloth soak once for 10-15 minutes in lukewarm water.


Step 2

Rinse the cloth under running water. Then wring the cloth well, so that the iZi-Clean cloth is damp.


Step 3

You can get started! Lots of cleaning fun!