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Starters Package, 4 Pieces, iZi-Clean microfiber cloth

The izi-clean microfibre cloths developed by nanotechnology consist of 2 parts, 80% Polyester and 20% Polyamide.

Size is 60 x 40 cm.

The izi-clean cloths are woven in a special way so that they can absorb maximum dust.

Thanks to the iZi-Clean cloths you save at least 50% cleaning time.

In addition, it is wonderfully streak-free cleaned. You not only save time but also many harmful unnecessary chemical products, which also saves money in addition to a healthy environment.

It is also a great pleasure to work with izi-clean cloths. You will immediately see the result that it is streak-free and dry. You can finish cleaning, dusting or drying in no time.

iZi-Clean cloths make cleaning fun and easy again and of course your life too.

They can be used both wet (damp) and dry.

When you use the cloths moist, you will achieve better results.

So moisten the wipes before using them. Whether you are going to clean the windows, the glasses or your TV, the method remains the same.

After you have wiped the surface, you will see within 10 seconds that the cleaned surface will dry up, you will see the water/moisture traces disappear, after which the amazing streak-free result will be visible.


  • min. 50% savings on your expensive cleaning products
  • min. Save 50% of your valuable time
  • No more tractors and chamois needed

Efficient :

  • only clean streak-free with iZi-Clean cloth + water
  • effortless and enjoyable cleaning

Sustainable :

  • hazardous cleaning products become superfluous

    Use for e.g.:

    • windows, car windows, mirrors, showcases, TV, tablet, telephone, PC,

      wine glasses, stainless steel, high-gloss furniture

    • kitchen, bathroom, toilet, car ...

    Instructions for use:

    • Soak izi-clean microfiber cloth in lukewarm water for 15 min.

    • wring out the cloth well before use

    • only water is often sufficient

    • Of course, vinegar, washing-up liquid or all-purpose cleaner may be used

    Washing instructions:

    • sort by color

    • wash with washing powder or vinegar

    • wash at 40 degrees

    • no fabric softener

    • no liquid detergent

    • no pods or pearls

    • no corrosive cleaning agents (such as bleach, ammonia…)

    • do not tumble dry


    • depending on personal use and aftercare

    • quality also wears off over time

    Make your life izi with iZi-Clean MICROFIBER wipes.

    A fair product for a fair price !

                                  Streak-free cleaning fun !!