6 tips against streaks on the windows

6 tips against streaks on the windows

We have a number of tips to prevent streaks, even when the sun is shining, so that you get a lot of cleaning pleasure from the iZi-Clean cloths.

Tip 1. Wring out well
Wring out the cloth well, otherwise the excess water that is still present in the cloth will leave behind streaks that are clearly visible. You will see these water traces, especially when the sun shines on the windows.

It is very important that the cloths are wrung out very well.But how do you do that? To find out whether you have wrung it properly or not, you can do the following.

After you have wrung out the cloth by hand, you can then wring it out again with a tap. Wrap the long side of the cloth around the tap and twist the cloth as far as you can so that the cloth feels damp and not wet. Please note: When turning the short side, too much water remains in the cloth. Wringing it out using a tap prevents the cloth from being too wet and leaving traces behind. These are then strengthened and clearly visible by the sun and also by substances (see tip 2).

Tip 2. Substances in the air
Wring out the cloth well. Because no wet wipe marks are left behind, no substances can settle on the wipe marks after a while. Precisely because of the sun, wet wipe marks in combination with substances will be clearly visible when the sun shines. It may even be visible a day later if you live in a dusty neighborhood where, for example, construction work is being carried out or there is a lot of car traffic.

A good example of this is the car. If you look at the car a day later after a wash in a car wash, you will already see substances on the car. Even after a few hours while the car is neatly washed in front of the door. This depends entirely on external factors.With proper wringing you can solve this problem in no time.

Tip 3. Greasy windows
Make sure the cloth is clean. If the cloth or windows are greasy, streaks will appear and are clearly visible when the sun shines.

The cloth may be greasy if, for example, you have first cleaned a greasy kitchen. Or the windows may be greasy from smoking, cooking or from cleaning products that have been used for years.

The solution is to first thoroughly wash and degrease the interior windows. The grease layer (not always visible to the naked eye) may be caused by cleaning products. You can clean this with cleaning vinegar. Sometimes it takes a longer time until all or most of the chemicals are removed. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not work and you experience a kind of haze on the windows.

Sometimes it is pure bad luck that the windows can show smudge marks. This is very rarely the case. Unfortunately, we have no explanation or solution for this.As you know, iZi-Clean cloths can do a lot, but unfortunately not everything. -)

Now that you know why streaks are visible when the sun shines on the windows but you still cannot wring out properly, you can use the following alternative method (see tip 4).

Tip 4. Spraying windows
Spray the windows lightly with water and then polish them dry with a dry iZi-Clean cloth. This way you avoid wringing out and you can be sure that the cloth is not too wet.

This way of working is also ideal for people who have less strength in their hands due to muscle diseases or injuries, for example. Wringing out requires considerable effort on our hands and wrists. With the help of a tap you can alleviate it enormously. And with the help of spraying you can completely relieve your hands and wrists of any pain.

Tip 5. Spraying with vinegar
You can also add cleaning vinegar to the spray bottle to properly degrease and disinfect the windows.

Tip 6. Pre-wash windows
If windows are too dirty or there are too many grains of sand, you must first remove the sand grains with a sponge or another cloth so that the iZi-Clean cloth does not scratch the next object .

Pre-washing applies to greasy interior windows but also to the extractor hood. First degrease with another cloth to prevent the grease from spreading further on the following objects.


If you have a tip, we would love to hear it. We wish you lots of cleaning fun with these tips.


Why should liquid detergent not be used?

Because liquid detergent contains greasy raw materials, which causes a kind of grease/shield to stick to the cloth. This means that the cloth cannot make direct contact with the glassware, for example.

Unfortunately, this does not guarantee a streak-free result, on the contrary.In order not to hinder the effectiveness of the cloths, liquid detergent should be avoided.

What can you do if the cloths have been washed with liquid detergent?
You can wash/rinse the cloths with vinegar to degrease, this will often help to get the cloths functioning as intended again 😉.